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You can bid on our Mixed Works Auction on our website until 30.01.2024 at 20:00. Live Auction will start at 20:01.

The commission rate applied in our auction is 15% and the VAT rate is 20%. Payment period is 7 business days after the end of the auction. PLEASE BID CONSIDERING THE PAYMENT TIME.

The works offered to you in our auction are appraised by our expert consultants, and in accordance with the "Law on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets" No. 2863, they are certified by the Republic of Turkey. It is checked and approved by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Museum experts (Istanbul Tombs Museum, Hagia Sophia Museum, Turkish Islamic Arts Museum, Harbiye Military Museum and Cultural Site Command).


Master of Painting Department Turkish Painting Art Expert Restorer Mr.Bayram Karşit


The paintings in our auction belong to a Private Collections and have been examined and approved by Mimarsinan Fine Arts University Master's Painting Department, Turkish Painting Art Expert Restorer Mr.Bayram Karşit.


Painter Art Advisor Mr.Agop Egoyan


The paintings in our auction are by the painter and art consultant Mr. It was reviewed and approved by Agop Egoyan.

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